Business Systems

You can access information on the following Business Systems here:

  • SearchSoft
  • GoFast and Percii
  • FM Pro

SearchSoft: How toSearch for Candidates

Searching for Candidates in SearchSoft

GoFast and Percii

How to Get Quick Help with GoFast:

  1. For Accounting questions, please contact your Accounting Analyst. This information maybe obtained by contacting the Accounts Payable Department. When contacting your Accounting Analyst by email, please carbon copy (cc:) the following person: Paulette Terrell, Director of Fiscal Services @
  2. For vendor adds or edits, please email with the following information:
  3. To add a new vendor (or if the vendor has moved), Accounting needs an invoice attached to the email for verification.
  4. For a vendor edit, include the vendor ID# and the change you would like.
  5. If the new vendor is an employee, then Accounting needs the employee ID#, name and an address where to mail the check.
  6. For technical questions, please create a help ticket at or email
  7. For GoFast training requests and scheduling, please search for "GoFast" in the Professional Development calendar

FM Pro General Resources

SFUSD Department of Technology | 601 MCALLISTER STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102

HELP@SFUSD.EDU | 415-241-6476

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