Business Systems

You can access information on the following Business Systems here:

  • SearchSoft
  • GoFast and Percii
  • FM Pro

SearchSoft: How toSearch for Candidates

Searching for Candidates in SearchSoft

GoFast and Percii

How to Get Quick Help with GoFast:

  1. For Accounting questions, please contact your Accounting Analyst. This information maybe obtained by contacting the Accounts Payable Department. When contacting your Accounting Analyst by email, please carbon copy (cc:) the following person: Paulette Terrell, Director of Fiscal Services @
  2. For vendor adds or edits, please email with the following information:
  3. To add a new vendor (or if the vendor has moved), Accounting needs an invoice attached to the email for verification.
  4. For a vendor edit, include the vendor ID# and the change you would like.
  5. If the new vendor is an employee, then Accounting needs the employee ID#, name and an address where to mail the check.
  6. For technical questions, please contact
  7. For GOFAST training requests and scheduling, please contact Lyndon Chow at

FM Pro General Resources

SFUSD Department of Technology | 601 MCALLISTER STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102

HELP@SFUSD.EDU | 415-241-6476

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SFUSD Core Values
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