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Welcome to the SFUSD Department of Technology!

At the SFUSD Department of Technology (DoT) we are transforming SFUSD into a digital district through the powerful and innovative use of technology to prepare each and every student for college & career success in the 21st century to realize Vision 2025. Your time is valuable. That's why we work hard to bring you accessible technology resources and support.

The DoT Comm is a monthly newsletter with highlights, events, tips, and updates from the Department of Technology (DoT). See what's new and what's on SFUSD's digital district horizon.

#SFUSDDoT and Vision 2025

Department of Technology Mission Statement

The SFUSD Department of Technology (DoT) leads SFUSD’s efforts to transform into a digital district to realize Vision 2025 and prepare every student, in every school, for college and career success in the 21st century.

Through strategic partnerships with schools, departments, and the San Francisco community, DoT enables student, educator, and staff success through a coherent technology experience.

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Department of Technology Equity Frame

Technology equity encompasses equity of access and equity of opportunity. When used effectively to help students create, think critically, communicate, and collaborate, technology can be a powerful lever to:

  • engage students in deeper learning

  • empower students through agency, voice, and identity

  • access content in rich, multi-modal ways

  • close access, achievement, and opportunity gaps

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SFUSD's Comprehensive System Towards Achieving Vision 2025

Diagram of SFUSD's Comprehensive System Towards Achieving Vision 2025

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