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Our Oath to Your Child

The purpose of the SFUSD DoT is to provide each student with an equal access to technology and technology related resources to promote intellectual growth, creativity, self-discipline, cultural and linguistic sensitivity, democratic responsibility, economic competence, and physical and mental health so that each student can achieve her or his maximum potential in the ever growing technological era.

Your Child's Technology and You


What do I do if my Child is Cyberbullied?

Cyberbully awareness is growing and stand with anti-bullying movements. We believe every student should feel safe in their school and on their technology.

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Student Handbook (for Parents, too!)

Check out standard rules, expectations, norms and other resources to help accustom your child to SFUSD and other academics.


SFUSD Vision 2025: Building a Digital District

Whether it is in the classroom, your home, or their first interview. We are committed to brining world class resources to our world class student.

I'm a 1:1 Learning School Parent

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Common Parent Concerns

Giving your child access to technology is not a decision we make lightly. We understand your child's safety and education is a priority.

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How to Choose Great Apps for your Kids

An informative article with research supported tips to help you engage and select great apps for your kid.

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How to Encourage Kids to Read with Technology

As technology becomes more accessible and integrated into our kid's lives, it's important to not forget the impact that reading has on children's growth.

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Videos to Watch with Your Kid

Up to date education research regarding technology and your child. Great way to step into impactful conversations of the difficult situations students face with technology.


Great Education Apps for Kids

Apps for a range of kids. Check out some great approved apps to engage your kids learning with technology and education.

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How to Limit Purchases on iPads and iPhones

Click here to get some quick tips on how to limit spending and other access on a variety of technologies.

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SFUSD Core Values
SFUSD Core Values
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