Technology Purchasing

Getting Started

First time making a purchase? Here's the process according to SFUSD standards.

The Process

Is this a Direct Purchase or a Purchase Order? See Page 6 for details.

Direct Purchase:

The purchase of supplies, and materials under $1,500 or less including handling and sales tax, with the exception of furniture, fixtures, audio visual, computers, and equipment. See page 26 for details.

Purchase Orders:

The purchase of equipment, supplies, and materials in excess of $1,500, in addition to furniture, fixtures, audio visual, computers and equipment under $1,500. See pages 7-9 for details. 

Direct Purchases:

Step 1: Schools and departments place orders directly with the vendor.

Step 2: Collect necessary packing slips and paperwork upon delivery.

Step 3: Process payment through GoFast

Purchase Orders:

Step 1: School  or department contact a vendor and receive a quote for the desired  supplies or materials.

Step 2: Submit a Requisition for Purchase Order on the GoFast system. See page 9 for instructions.

Step 3: Wait for the Requisition for Purchase Order to be approved by the Purchasing Department. They will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor and a copy to the requesting site.

Step 4: Collect necessary packing slips and paperwork upon delivery.

Step 5: Process payment through GoFast.

Vendor Resources

NOTE: Desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads must be purchased through Arey Jones or Apple.  Any devices purchased outside these channels may not be supported by the Department of Technology.

Apple Bundle Price List  - Contact Richard Zawatsky at   for a formal Apple quote. 

Arey Jones - This site can generate quotes for the following: Windows computers, ChromeBook s, Carts, Printers, Monitors . 

CDWG -  Contact account manager,, for quotes and assistance. 

Office Depot, Contact account manager,,  for quotes and assistance.

For assistance or recommendations for hardware purchases, please email

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