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The Tech Lead Program empowers site Technology Leads to help move their school sites’ use of digital tools towards more effective and creative student-centered learning experiences.

To learn about the Tech Lead program or how to get your site involved, contact Brandon Yacobellis

Tech Lead Program Overview

[SFUSD Tech Lead Program] Program Overview

Tech Lead Job Description

[SFUSD Tech Lead Program] Sign-Up & Expectations

Tech Lead Meeting Dates

[SFUSD Tech Lead Program] Need to Know Dates

Tech Lead Meeting Slide Decks

September Meeting 2017

[Tech Lead Program] Launch Meeting - Slide Deck_2017-09

October Meeting 2017

[Tech Lead Program] Oct Meeting - Slide Deck_2017-10

Thank you for all you do to help colleagues transform learning for their students.

SFUSD Department of Technology | 601 MCALLISTER STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102

HELP@SFUSD.EDU | 415-241-6476

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