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Helpful Resource:

Admin Guidance Documents for SIS Portal

I am trying to determine what platform to use for communicating to my site community...

Use this resource to determine what system to use for sending mass emails to students, families and teachers effectively and efficiently.

I am looking for more information on what the SIS Data Quality Team is at my site...

SIS Info sheet

Use this resource to learn about who is part of your site SIS Data Quality, what access and permissions they have in Synergy.

I am trying to use get support on Synergy...

Synergy Help Sheet

Need page specific support in Synergy? Use this resource to get support while navigating Synergy.

Admin Guidance for Teacher Portal

I am looking for information on district expectations for the use of the Synergy Gradebook and Student and Family Portals

Gradebook and Portals Sheet

I am looking for Quick Tips on how to using the Admin Portal to support teachers, students and families...

Tips Sheet

This resource will show you how to view teachers grade books, see what a parent/guardian and/or a student sees in the Student and Family Portals

I am trying to move between the Teacher Portal and Admin Portal (Dual Login)....

Dual Login

If you teach a class and you have a SIS Admin account at your site you may have Dual Login access. This resource will provide you with information on how to navigate between the Teacher Portal and the SIS Admin Portal.

Admin Guidance for Student and Family Portal

I am trying see how many of my parent/guardians have activated their Family Portal accounts....

Family and Student Portal Guidance

Want to see how many families have activated their Family Portal account at your site? Use this report to see activation rates at your site to ensure all families are activated!

I am trying to print Family Portal activation letters....

Family Portal Activation Letters

I am trying to print a list of student usernames and passwords....

Student Usernames and Passwords

This resource will provide you with information on how to create a report of student usernames and passwords by site, teacher or grade.

I am trying to send a mass email to teachers, students or families through Synergy and/or post an announcement...

Mass Email Tool

Learn how to send email to groups of teachers, students or families using the mass email tool in Synergy. This resource will also walk you through how to post an announcement to the Student, Teacher or Family Portals.

I am trying to address a Family Portal Account issue....

Family Portal Account Issues

A helpful resource if a parent/guardian notifies you of an issue with their Family Portal account. This document explains how to support the parent to address the issue.

I am trying to troubleshoot Family Portal challenges....

Family Portal Troubleshooting

This valuable guide with provide you with troubleshooting information for general Family and Student Portal issues at your site.

Additional Resources Coming Soon!

I am trying to....


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