Student Device Refresh

Refresh Overview

The Department of Technology will exchange all “SBAC” devices with new, district-owned touchscreen Chromebooks to support student access to technology, the development of 21st century skills, and online assessments.

These devices may be used for everyday classroom learning and SBAC testing. DoT encourages schools to integrate the new Chromebooks into the classroom as much as possible to help students develop their digital literacy skills.

Please note that we are standardizing SFUSD student devices on Chromebooks for the following benefits:

  • Platform is most aligned to the shared-device environment in our schools, meaning students may pick up any Chromebook, log in, and have access to all of their documents/resources via the web.

  • The touchscreen on the Chromebooks will be particularly useful in engaging elementary students.

  • Younger students, K-2, will also be able to log in with QR codes.

  • Chromebooks easier to support for both schools and the district, meaning less maintenance sites, and downtime for students.

  • Standardizing Chromebooks at SFUSD will enable the district to increase access to devices for students with the same amount of funds used for limited device deployments.

The Department of Technology will begin exchanging carts between December 4th through the end of January 2018. Information on specific dates and locations will follow. The exchange process will be same-day so that your students are not without access to technology to support their learning.

Communications regarding this have gone out to LEAD and School Leaders. A site administrator will be responsible for coordinating this exchange, and will decide how to delegate responsibilities at each site. Please speak with your site administrators if you have any questions as they will be completing a survey regarding the SBAC Refresh and Exchange.

"SBAC" Device Inventory and Additional Support Form

Tentative Exchange Schedule

[Student Access] SBAC Exchange Schedule Pref.

If you do not see your site scheduled above, your site leadership has yet to submit the "SBAC" Device Inventory and Additional Support Form.

If you have questions related to the device exchange process schedule, please contact Raymond Situ at

Frequently Asked Questions

[Student Access] Foundational FAQs

Professional Development: Teacher Readiness & Support

The SFUSD device refresh will put convertible touchscreen Dell Chromebooks in students' hands. Learn about this device's unique features and how teachers and students can engage in interactive and collaborative learning environments. Whether you are new to Chromebooks or an avid user, this course will ignite your creativity as you integrate this device into your classroom!

Through your SFUSD account, simply:

  • Go to

  • Join the class by clicking the + icon in the top right of your screen

  • Enter the class code f65zgg for full access.

Questions and Contact Information

For questions related to the device exchange process, please contact Raymond Situ at

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