Project Management

This site lists the project planning resources used by our staff. As part of the development of our digital district tech-enabled project process we start with an intake process. Once a project has met approval the project planning moves to a four Phased Approach to Project Management.

If you are:

an SFUSD staff member start with the Project Request Process, see below.

interested in our project management resourced start with Phased Approach to Project management, see below

What is a project?

A project in SFUSD...

    1. Results in a unique product, service, or outcome

    2. Is temporary (has a clear beginning and end)

    3. Has a purpose -- unique, verifiable deliverable

You can read more about what a project is here.

What is a Project in SFUSD?
Tech-Enabled Project Intake Process

Project Request Process

Are you embarking on a technology-enabled project in our school district?

If so, follow this step by step process and complete the intake form. Not sure? Complete it anyway and our DoT Project Management Office will get back to you for consultation.

Need support? Explore the project management resources available to you on this website!

[DDSC] SFUSD Digital District Steering Committee Approved Projects 2017-18

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