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In SFUSD we believe that personalized learning should be the norm, not the exception. Online learning is one method through which we can deliver personalized instruction for both our teachers and our students. The Digital Learning and Enablement team has built partnerships with the Office of Professional Growth and Development and departments across the district to support the Vision 2025 goals of innovative educational equity and excellence to build capacity and expand access to online learning opportunities.

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Online Professional Learning Design Series

This Spring we are pleased to offer a series of learning sessions to empower professional development providers design online learning opportunities that:

  • reimagine space and time

  • embrace innovative ways to offer instruction and demonstrate mastery

  • personalize professional learning opportunities!

Flexible learning: Attend the sessions that are right for you!

Design Sessions

2-hour learning sessions provide targeted instruction, tools, resources, and support for 5 Phases of SFUSD Online Professional Learning Design.

[OBProL] Fall 2019 Online Professional Learning Design Series

Work Sessions

90-minute supported work sessions guide designers toward module completion and launch of content for Fall 2020.

Join Us!

Submit the Interest Form to prompt calendar invitations for convenient scheduling.

Contact: Allison Rothman with questions

Develop a Module: Guidebook

Access the Design Guidebook to begin the online learning design process

[OBProLGuidebook] Guidebook

Start Learning: Catalog

Visit the Online Professional Learning Catalog to enroll in current modules.

Personalized instruction: Learners are able to to work through modules at their own pace, placing emphasis on the content they find most applicable to their teaching practice. Access instruction when you need it.

Ongoing instruction: The structure of the modules in Google Classroom helps form online communities to provide ongoing support as learners implement new tools and strategies.

Interactivity and modeling of 21st century skills & competencies: Module materials allow participants to interact with new technology tools and strategies, and practice application of 21st Century skills while engaging in the instructional materials.

SFUSD Module Sessions

Fall 2019

August - December

Spring 2020

February - June

Explore the Catalog for current offerings.

Visual chart that describes three models of online learning:  Asynchronous, Synchronous, and Blended Instruction.

Blended learning is a combination of face to face and online learning.

Blended learning provides a flexible physical learning environment with a combination of robust access to online content and in-person facilitated instruction, allowing for differentiated and adaptive learning.

Looking to Design Online Professional Development?

Attend our Design Series Sessions! Submit the Interest Form. For more information submit a request for support through

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