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Leading Teams with Google

As part of the All-Admin Learning Academy, we are thrilled to showcase a variety of Google Apps and demonstrate how site and central office administrators can effectively and efficiently lead their teams with Google.

To join our Google Classroom, or for more information, please connect with Kristina Mattis at

Streamline your meetings and productivity!

During our Day 1 session, we explored Gmail, Calendar, & Forms, with a deeper dive into Docs.

[Learning Academy] Leading Teams With Google - Day 1 - 2017-08-03
[Learning Academy] Leading Teams With Google - Day 2 - 2017-08-04

Spruce up your presentations & enhance your meetings with interactive components, all while staying organized!

During our Day 2 session, we reviewed Day 1, and scaffolded in Slides, HyperDocs, Drive, and Keep.

BONUS: We learned how to photowalk. Try it with your team - observe, treasure hunt, see the big picture.

Have you thought about how you and your team model safe and responsible online behavior?

Maintaining the safety and security of San Francisco’s students is essential to our task of creating opportunities for effective teaching and learning for every student, every day.

During our Day 3 session, we dove into Student Data Privacy and Digital Citizenship.

[Learning Academy] Leading Teams Effectively & Efficiently with Google 2017-10-25

Stay tuned for Day 4 coming up on February 28 when we'll dive into leading with screencasting.

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