Do you want your students documenting their learning and creating their own positive digital footprint by making ePortfolios? Get started by emailing Ricardo Elizade (elizader@sfusd.edu).

What are ePortfolios? ePortfolios

  • provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their own learning and share the story of their learning journey using a variety of digital artifacts.
  • support the development of student agency, authority, & identity as identified in SFUSD’s Dimensions of Teaching and Learning.
  • can be used to construct a dynamic blended learning environment that supports personalized learning and development pathways, two important focus areas in the 10 Big Shifts of SFUSD’s Vision 2025.
  • helps students in the admissions process to universities.
  • are used in many professional fields.
[ePortfolios] Launch Meeting_2017_10_17
[FINAL ePortfolio] Overview 2017-18
[SFUSD ePortfolios] Need to Know Dates

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SFUSD Core Values
SFUSD Core Values
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