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Teacher Centered Design - Digital Learning Scope & Sequence

Digital Learning & Vision 2025

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Pedagogy Frameworks

Connected Learning

"For more than a century, educators have strived to customize education to the learner. Connected Learning leverages the advances of the digital age to make that dream a reality—connecting academics to interests, learners to inspiring peers and mentors, and educational goals to the higher order skills the new economy rewards. Six principles (below) define it and allow every young person to experience learning that is social, participatory, interest-driven and relevant to the opportunities of our time."


Model Lessons & Projects



Instructional Strategies & Tools

The following tools are supported by SFUSD and included in the Digital Backpack. The Digital Backpack is a secure online portal for students to access learning applications. Click the link to learn more about the digital backpack.

We use Clever as the tool to provide this service. All applications in Clever have a contract to be used by SFUSD students. All students and teachers at SFUSD have an account on Clever. The Digital Backpack can be accessed from any browser by going to

Hyperdocs with Google Docs

Research & Project Management with Google Keep

Data Analysis & Visualization with Google Sheets

Infographics & Diagram with Google Drawing

Multimedia Presentations with Google Slides

Interactive Maps with Google My Maps

Data Collection with Google Forms

Streamline Your Workflow with Google Classroom

Screencast Your Memo or Mini Lesson

Standards in Action

Empowered Learner

Digital Citizen

Turn your classroom into a personalized learning environment

By Robyn Howton


Don't Teach Digital Citizenship- Embed It!

By Heather Marrs


Common Sense media offers free comprehensive curriculum designed to empower students to think critically and practice safe & responsible behaviors while participating in the digital world.

Knowledge Constructor

Innovative Designer

How to Curate Quality Resources for any Classroom or Subject

By Kristen Harrington


Media literacy starts with SEARCHing the internet

By Jodi Pilgrim and Elda Martinez


5 ways to help students become innovative designers

By Laura Taddei


Computational Thinker

SFUSD's Computer Science Department is paving the way for computer science education in K-12 public schools with a comprehensive K-12 CS curriculum.

How to develop computational thinkers

By Jorge Valenzuela


Solving Problems at Google Using Computational Thinking

Using Balloons & Data to Bring Internet to the World

Using Data & Creativity to Provide Support in Times of Disaster

Improving the World's Video with Algorithms & the Internet

Creative Communicator

Global Collaborator

Resources for teachers to learn digital storytelling skills to share with their students including infographics, interactive maps, podcasting, video production, and more!

Lesson plans and resources to help students create their own podcasts

Turn students into real-world science collaborators

By Nicole Krueger


Here's what the ISTE Standards for students look like in 5 #RemakeLearning projects

By Justin Aglio and Norton Gusky


Digital Learning & Equity

- National Education Technology Plan

Personalized Learning

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