Adding Approved Applications at Your Site

Kinds of Apps and How to Add Them

There are several kinds of District-Approved Apps:

  • Paid apps - most paid apps are paid for with an ISA, which you will find below. However, some apps can be paid for with a credit card. Please note that ONLY District-Approved apps should be paid for with a credit card! Using other apps with students may violate student privacy (and State/Federal law).
  • Free apps - only District-approved free apps should be used with students! Using other apps with students may violate student privacy (and State/Federal law).

Instructions for Submitting an ISA

In order to help school sites access learning applications in a more simplified way, we have worked closely with vendors to create master contracts. The terms of the master contract have already been determined and are in effect for 3 years from the date of Board approval. Schools only need to complete a short document called an "Individual Services Agreement" (ISA), with assistance from the vendor, and then have this document processed by the Contracts office and the Budget office. Schools are able to determine on the ISA what specific products or services they are purchasing.

The ISAs listed below are directly tied to their respective Board-approved master contract. Note that sites should expect that this process will take about 3 days from starting the process to having an approved contract in place. Please also ensure that you have sufficient funds in your current fiscal year budget to pay for the learning application.

  1. School Site: Review DoT website or Contracts website of individual services agreements (ISA) on file with SFUSD (
  2. School Site: Print out ISA and pricing worksheet. Fill in dates of service, price of application you are buying, SACS code, and site administrator signs. (Note: you must include a SACS code for future years if the dates of service span from one fiscal year to the next. The fiscal year ends on June 30 and begins on July 1.) Form should also include item number at top of each page in the following format: APPLICATION NAME, SCHOOL NUMBER, FISCAL YEAR ex. DREAMBOX213_FY1819 . Sends to vendor via email. Notifies Department of Technology ( of their pending purchase.
  3. Vendor: verifies price, prints 2 copies, signs in blue ink, and sends via US Mail to school site.
  4. School Site: Administrator signs in blue ink and sends 2 hard copies in interoffice mail to Budget office.
  5. Budget: verifies funding in SACS account; signs 2 copies; delivers to Contracts office.
  6. Contracts: reviews ISA for completeness and submits to Purchasing for PO number; sends ISA with PO to school site and emails copy to: vendor, school site, and DoT. Submits to Board Docs for ratification.
  7. Department of Technology: places tool in site’s Digital Backpack (Clever) and initiates data sharing as soon as possible.
  8. Vendor: continue to support the school site with onboarding resources and professional development opportunities when available.

[Same information as listed above]

Visual chart of how to complete an Individual Services Agreement

Completing an Individual Services Agreement.pdf

[Same information as listed above]

Checklist for Completing an Individual Services Agreement

[Digital Backpack] Checklist for Completing an Individual Service Agreement

Product Prices and ISA Download Links

ISA - product, price, ISA link


Please contact the account representatives in order to get more information about submitting your Individual Services Agreement.

For SFUSD related questions or to discuss applications that are not listed on this site, please be in touch with Aidan Gould at

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