Digital Backpack

The Easy Way to Get, Deploy and Access Learning Applications

The Digital Backpack is a collection of learning applications that are:

Easily accessed through Clever, our online portal (see video at right for more!)

Secure, private, and compliant with FERPA

Easy for schools to buy with a Individual Service Agreement*

*Backpack products are not funded by DoT and must purchased by a Department or school site

How to Use Clever to Log In to Educational Apps

One this site, you can:

Learning Applications in our SFUSD Digital Backpack!

Click here to view approved applications and learn more about the application approval process.

Contact Aidan Gould at for more information.

Device Specific Information

Clever is browser based, which means you can find it from any internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Clever does not need to be accessed on a district computer, it can be used on any device.

That being said, using Clever on an iPad is a bit more difficult. You can find Clever either on the iPad's Safari browser OR you can download the Clever app for iPad. Please note that not everything runs smoothly on iPads in general; some applications require you to download a separate app, and some might not work at all. Clever knows that this is a pain point for our district, therefore they are trying to reduce this problem in future upgrades. For now, please make sure to test tools before using with a class on an iPad. In the Clever dashboard, teachers should have access to tools that their students have access to, for test runs like these.



Clever offers “Badges” as a way to help PK-3 students log in. Badges are individualized QR codes that let students log into Clever without remembering their user name and password.


A Clever Badge is a printed QR code students hold up to a computer's webcam to log in SFUSD’s Digital Backpack instead of typing a username and password. Badges also allow students to log into any district-managed Chromebook device at a K-5 or K-8 school.

See these articles for more information:

Logging into Chromebooks with Badges

Logging into Clever with Badges


Teachers, site leaders, or site tech leads have access to print badges for students. See this article for information about how to print Badges:

Printing Clever Badges for Students

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