Privacy, Surveillance, & Self-Disclosure Tip Sheet - The information that we put in digital form can now be readily accessed by unintended viewers, whether because of an oversight in selecting privacy settings, the vulnerability of “secure” online data, sharing passwords that grant others access to personal accounts, or simply because a friend’s eyes wander to read personal text messages. Work together with your kids to be vigilant about keeping private information private.

Privacy Surveillance an Self-Disclosure Tip Sheet.pdf

Digital Footprints & Photo Sharing Tip Sheet - Kids don’t always think through what they post. Photos they thought were private can easily go public. Likewise, their choice of photos can affect others as well. Together, discuss the importance of showing respect to oneself and others when sharing photos online.

Digital Footprints & Photo Sharing Tip Sheet.pdf

Young Children & Digital Footprints - Taking cute or funny pictures and videos of kids is nothing new -- you’ve almost certainly perused family albums your parents made, or seen home videos of yourself taken at different ages and stages. But the digital world dramatically changes the context of photo and video sharing, and instantly amplifies the potential audience for the images you capture and upload.

Youg Children & Digital Footprints Tip Sheet.pdf

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