Meeting Students' Needs

Technologies That Meet Unique Needs Family Tip Sheet - On a daily basis, we all benefit from technological tools designed to make our lives easier: Typing has removed the challenge of decoding colleagues’ bad handwriting, email enables faster communication, and apps simplify tasks from finding a parking space to shopping for groceries. But for some people, technologies play a vital role in developing skills or overcoming obstacles to daily tasks.

Technologies That Meet Unique Needs Family Tip Sheet.pdf

Kids As Coders Family Tip Sheet - What is “coding,” and is it a skill set that kids need today? Coding refers to the language of computer programming, and it’s becoming an increasingly important topic in education, especially when considering our global economy. Many adults think of coding as an activity only done by a small group of the most mathematically savvy people. But today, coding takes many forms, and coders come in all ages and sizes.

Kids As Coders Family Tip Sheet.pdf

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