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SFUSD's 1:1 Initiative

Vision 2025 and SFUSD's 1:1 Initiative

SFUSD’s partnership with Verizon’s Innovative Learning Schools Grant managed by Digital Promise is an exciting venture designed to:

  • Address the Digital Learning Gap by providing an iPad and data plan for always available access.

  • Provide rich learning experiences in which technology is both embedded in the core curriculum and transforms what is possible in classrooms.

  • Foster broader conversations about the strategic use of technology across the entire district.

  • Provide all teachers with professional learning, including opportunities for personalized learning.

  • Connect SFUSD with a national community of 74 schools across the country.


Science teachers at James Denman Middle School leverage technology to enable students to reflect on their progress in their classes and present their reflections to their families through student-led conferences.

So You Want To Go 1:1 at Your School...?

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SFUSD and Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) grant managed by Digital Promise

Read about the strategic partnership between SFUSD and Verizon's Innovative Learning Schools Grant managed by the Digital Promise organization...

[DigitalPromise] Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Program Overview - Fall 2016.pdf

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