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The SFUSD Department of Technology (DoT) leads SFUSD’s efforts to transform into a digital district.

Under the leadership of our Chief Technology Officer, Melissa Dodd, the department convenes district, community, and industry leaders to align resources and investments strategically and to prioritize major technology projects in a coherent way to enable the district to embrace a digital approach to education that is interactive, intuitive, and personalized to the needs of our students, educators, and families. This Digital District Plan articulates the role technology will play as a critical enabler to our vision, building on the foresight of both our education professionals and thought leaders within our communities and across the country.

Picture of Melissa Dodd

Melissa Dodd

Chief Technology Officer

Ms. Dodd is charged with leading the district's technology vision and digital district plan, Building a Digital District, which articulates the district’s strategy to transform learning with technology, infusing technology into teaching, learning, and operations to realize the goals of Vision 2025 and the SFUSD graduate profile for college and career readiness in the 21st century.

Ms. Dodd is the 2017 Withrow CTO of the Year through CoSN, a national, professional association for school district technology leaders. Follow her on Twitter @MelissaPDodd

Vision 2025: Building a Digital District

To deliver upon the vision of a world-class education, SFUSD will need to embrace a digital approach to education based on the best of the changing technologies around us.

From the lunchroom to the classroom, the promise of technology to positively impact the learning and lives of our students is clear. Our vision clarifies how SFUSD is taking a leadership role to innovate educational equity and excellence for all our students. The time is right to let our community know that investing in our equity agenda will ultimately help solve one of the key challenges we face today, which is maintaining a diverse and vibrant community in San Francisco.

To learn more about SFUSD’s transformation into a digital district, visit: www.sfusd.edu/digitaldistrict.

Department of Technology Leadership Team

Jared Joiner, Chief of Staff

David Malone, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation

Kristina Mattis, Ed.D., Executive Director of Digital Learning and Enablement

Tracey Logan, Project Management Office Director

Department of Technology Operations Team

Song Lai, Director of Operations and Administration

Cary Batty, Senior Clerk

Elizabeth Cittar, DoT Ops

Jennifer Louie, Management Assistant

Digital Learning and Enablement Team

Steve Kesel, Digital Learning Program Administrator

Lindsey Blass, Digital Learning Integration Designer

Ricardo Elizalde, Teacher on Special Assignment

Dan Frost, Teacher on Special Assignment

Paul Goessling, IS Trainer

Uma Higuchi, Teacher on Special Assignment

Stu Jernigan, Teacher on Special Assignment

Tom Mullaney, Digital Learning Integration Designer

Shirley Ong, IS Trainer

Brandon Yacobellis, Teacher on Special Assignment

Innovation Team

Michael Bloemsma, Program Administrator- Technology and Innovation

Ephraim Azubuike, L4E Project Manager

Raymond Situ, Management Assistant

James Grady, Operations Support Administrator (Device Management)

David Lanham, Operations Manager (Donations)

Student Information System Team

Sarah Ashton, Director of Student Systems

Daisy Chin, SIS Applications Manager

Martin Cameron, Senior Programmer

Haydee Diaz, Sr. Business Analyst

Chris Frazier, Sr. Programmer Analyst

Jan Gyn, Business Analyst

Victoria Hui, Business Analyst

Terry Huizenga, Sr. Business Analyst

Ray Kuan, Business Analyst

Carrie Maloney, Program Administrator

Kelly McBride, Product Director of Student Systems

Sanghyuk Yoon, Senior Program Analyst

Project Management

Lauri Bergeron, Project Manager

Elva Gutierrez, Project Manager

Daisy Htun, Project Manager

Pam Luk, Project Director for Human Capital and Budget Management

Danny Richard, Business Analyst

Document Publishing and Distribution Center

Lourdes Espejo, Offset Machine Operator

Tonette Wong, Management Assistant

Help Desk and Production Team

Adam Zabarte, Production Operations and Help Desk Manager

Aurelyn Castillo, Help Desk Analyst

Olivia Chang, Production Control

Blair Cunningham, Help Desk Analyst

Spencer Johnson, Production Operator

Belinda Serrano, Production Control

Stanley Wong, Help Desk Analyst

Jasmine Woody, Help Desk Analyst

Desktop Support Team

Dave Pankenier, Desktop Support Manager

Iain Bryan, Desktop Support Technician

Mamadou Cisse, Desktop Support Technician

Leonard DeJesus, Operations Support Administrator

John Hanley, Desktop Support- Assistant Manager

Anthony Kuan, Desktop Support Technician

Ralph Murillo, Desktop Support Technician

Rhonda Richards, Desktop Support Technician

David Soohoo, Operations Support Administrator

Craig Van Spronsen, Desktop Support Technician

Benjamin Zhong, Desktop Support Technician

Network Team

Edward Kelly, Project Director

Brad Diaz, Cable Splicer

Gill Patterson, Assistant Network Operations

Philip Siu, Assistant Network Engineer

Jeffrey Sniffin- Dixon, Assistant Network Enginee

Larry Takamoto, Assistant Network Engineer

Nathan Wong, Assistant Network Engineer

Jason Young, Senior Network Engineer

Web Development Team

Kyle DePasquale, Business Analyst

Alain Jimenez, Senior Program Analyst

Employee Information System Team

Eddie Ngo, Director of Applications

Court Jackson, Application Manager

Anita Chow, Business Analyst

Emily Leong, Senior Programmer

Jason Wong, Engineer

Shannon Lee, Business Analyst

Infrastructure Team

Kwok Chew, Interim Infrastructure Director

Allen Lui, Server Operations

Eric Ma, Server Operations

Mike Scripps, Server Operations

Fenton Wan, Server Operations

SFUSD Department of Technology | 601 MCALLISTER STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102

HELP@SFUSD.EDU | 415-241-6476

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